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Healthcare Quality Assurance/Improvement
Atlanta, GA



Exploring to secure a position that requires me to utilize my excellent performance improvement, strong planning and problem solving, outstanding analyzing, exceptional organizational, superb technical and impeccable interpersonal


Program Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs, Jackson, MS, (601) 362-4471, 03/2006 to Present
Summary of experience: Twenty year experience working in healthcare industry, currently as a Quality Management (QM) Program Analyst on accreditation/regulatory readiness, I play a critical role in project coordination. I prepare tools necessary and provide the subject matter expertise needed in order to ensure compliance and to be prepared for local, state or federal accreditation/regulatory inspections-surprise or mandated. This consultancy occasionally involves facilitating teams or serving as a team member; conducting studies to assist management with identifying, evaluating, resolving various issues, and measuring and tracking progress of accomplishments; gathering and organizing data, ensuring to adhere to regulatory agencies policies and procedures; and completing reports for management to present to upper management; and work to understand all quality delegated functions to develop and implement processes related to those functions. I also perform staff assistant duties, e.g. prepare a variety of recurring reports; review outgoing correspondence for proper attachments; report time and attendance for the office; ordering and stocking office supplies as needed; prepare travel arrangements; demonstrate good problem solving and superior organizational skills.
•Report and analysis quality of policies, programs and procedures for the development of plans and programs to support continuous quality improvement using Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), ORYX, ASPIRE and other tools by gathering and analyze data and documentation to measure performance improvement and analyze findings of studies, reports, management summaries and briefing papers to assess the overall condition of tasks completed or in progress.
•Acts as a resource for others with less experience, train staff on how to stay prepared for in-house and accreditation/regulatory surveys/audits, using questionnaires, interviews, databases, and or comparisons of past, present, and provide advice on completing and following up on actions on cost and budgets issues related program functions. I create and maintain timelines through completion.
•Coordinator of work operations, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis and advisory assignments related to the effectiveness of programs and or the efficiency of management operations.
•Review short and long range planning to ensure to develop new or modified work methods that are in alignment with organizational objectives and mission.
•Facility Coordinator of Recalled foods, drugs, medical devices, vaccines, veterinary, cosmetics and tobacco products from the National Center of Patient Safety (NCPS) and United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I assign subject matter experts to participate in making certain that immediate action is taken regarding dangerous, hazardous or unsafe products that could endanger the life or safety of individuals are removed from use, reported accreditation/regulatory authorities and for ensuring recall processes adhere to global regulations and internal procedures. I provide expertise and guidance in interpreting governmental regulations, agency guidelines, and internal policies to ensure compliance. I am the liaison to the NCPS and FDA and other regulatory agencies.
•Lead/member to provide training on Performance Improvement, Root Cause Analysis, Board of Investigations, Healthcare Failure Mode and Effective Analysis, or Fact-Finding teams, committees and or panels. These teams are convened to evaluate incidents, documents and or reports to make recommendations on matters that contribute to completing the common goal of the team. Regularly, I interact courteously and effectively with various groups and individuals, ensuring to interact effectively in situations where frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events arise that cause a shift in priorities, timetables, or work assignments-demonstrating great interpersonal skills as a team player with the ability to interact cross functionally within the organization.
•Excellent Information Technology (IT) skills: Using Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word, I generate accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and annual reports. I perform full data management by abstracting data from computerized software to develop forms, compile, compare and prepare data to generate statistical reports for management to present to upper management (utilizing Microsoft Excel to generate pivot tables, chart and graphs). These reports are submitted to executive, administrative and clinical boards, and forwarded to Veterans Integrated System Network (VISN) 16. Utilizing Microsoft Word, I generate memorandums, correspondences, final reports, and created a Desk Guide with step-by-step instructions on all QM department programs that QM department employees can use to complete QM responsibilities. I develop presentations and reports to facilitate information shared in executive and department meetings using Microsoft PowerPoint and Access.
• Contracting Officer Technical Representative: Analyzed potential benefits and drawbacks of contracts, ensured that contracts were managed properly, ensured adherences to regulatory requirements, monitored contractor’s compliance with contract terms, conditions, and specifications, maintain a file system to record performance in all acquisition phases such as: requirements development; pre-award activities; post-award contract administration; and termination/closure of contracts.
• Draft, edit, and review correspondences; receive and route incoming and outgoing mail; respond to requests from callers, staff and management; ensure materials available for meetings; organize and maintain documents; and have the ability to learn quickly and a strong desire to take on new challenges.

Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs, Jackson, MS, (601) 362-4471, 02/2004 – 03/2006
Summary of experience: Edited and proofread documents; set up conferences; arranged travel; gathered data from a wide variety of resources and extracted information from computer systems to prepare reports.
• Explained or provided information on laws, regulations, policies and standards to personnel; provided assistance with recruitment and placement services for administrative and clinical positions within a medical facility; gathered, analyzed and interpreted data to complete regulatory readiness reports; assigned appropriate Office o...

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